Home Ducted Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance and servicing of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems improves functional efficiency and prolongs the life cycle.

Act Fast Maintenance Checks

Your air-conditioner is an asset to your home. Act Fast recommend scheduled maintenance and carry out the following checks to your system to ensure optimum performance:

  • Clean and Check Condensate drain on indoor unit
  • Check indoor fans and clean as build up of dirt can un-balance fan and cause excessive wear
  • Check Ducts in ceiling as air leading from ducting or duct restriction will reduce efficiency – this is often caused by other tradesmen working in the ceiling or by rodents.
  • Clean Outdoor Coil and Cabinet
  • Check and Tighten electrical connections to prevent hot spots (wire burn out)
  • Check printed circuit boards and clean as rodents can short out or damage boards
  • Check gas charge as refrigerant charge is critical for efficient operation
  • Check general operation of air conditioner

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