Home Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning is the ultimate when it comes to whole home air conditioning solutions. Every room in the house can be air conditioned summer and winter with timed central temperature and zone control.

How does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioning systems are used to cool multiple rooms through a large fan, which sits outside and pumps air around the building through ducts. Ducts are usually housed in the ceiling cavity, but can be mounted under the house.

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Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Con does a better job of cooling down a room. It cools a room quicker and maintains a consistent temperature with no hot and cold spots.

It’s generally quieter as the compressors and fans are located away from the room, unlike a split where the fan is located in the room. It disperses the air throughout the room better through the use of multiple vents so you don’t get a concentration of air blowing onto you.

Generally more energy efficient if cooling several rooms at once as it uses one compressor instead of several.

Ducted Air Conditioning has better aesthetics as you only need some vents that can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

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