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Enjoy the best in split-system air conditioning for your home, depend on the specialists at Act Fast.  Discover the great value of our expert installations on all new air conditioning systems. We’ll access your home’s cooling needs and help you to select the right system to suit your budget. Simply call today to arrange a quote!

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The Ideal Cooling Comfort for Your Home

Most importantly, all the family and enjoy the ideal cooling comfort for your home with a split-system perfectly rated to your home’s size and air conditioning requirements.

The Best Warranties

Enjoy the best manufacturer warranties as well as our workmanship for your complete peace of mind.

Expert Installations

For reliable operation, optimal cooling, and most importantly to achieve the rated efficiency of your system, you can depend on a professional installation at Act Fast Electrical & Air Conditioning.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Save on your running costs and electricity bill year after year with the most modern energy efficient technology

The latest AC Features & Technology

We can help show you the air conditioning systems with the latest technology and upgrades, including multi-zone systems and WiFi enabled system you can control by phone app from anywhere.

Reverse Cycle Heating

Enjoy energy efficient heating in winter with a reverse cycle system, which pulls in ambient heat from the air (heating by the sun) and turns it into warm air for your home.

Trusted for over 12 Years

We’re the trusted choice of hundreds of Brisbane homes having provided expert solutions and service for their needs for the past 12 years.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We value our customers and strive to ensure we provide the best level of customer service that  comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Act Fast Ducted Air-Conditioning Installation Brisbane. Air-Conditioning Electrician.

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Installing Ducted Air Conditioning is the ultimate when it comes to whole home air conditioning solutions. Every room in the house can be air conditioned summer and winter with timed central temperature and zone control.

How it works

Ducted air conditioning systems are used to cool multiple rooms through a large fan, which sits outside and pumps air around the building through ducts. Ducts are usually housed in the ceiling cavity, but can be mounted under the house.

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Why choose Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Con does a better job of cooling down a room. It cools a room quicker and maintains a consistent temperature with no hot and cold spots.

It’s generally quieter as the compressors and fans are located away from the room, unlike a split where the fan is located in the room. It disperses the air throughout the room better through the use of multiple vents so you don’t get a concentration of air blowing onto you.

Generally more energy efficient if cooling several rooms at once as it uses one compressor instead of several.

Ducted Air Conditioning has better aesthetics as you only need some vents that can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

So if you need ducted air conditioning prices then give us a call on M. 0405 781 414 for a FREEestimate or complete our air conditioning quote request today.

Maintenance of Home Ducted Air-Conditioners

Scheduled maintenance and servicing of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems improves functional efficiency and prolongs the life cycle.

Your air-conditioner is an asset to your home. Act Fast recommend scheduled maintenance and carry out the following checks to your system to ensure optimum performance:

  • Clean and check condensate drain on indoor unit
  • Check indoor fans and clean as build up of dirt can
    un-balance fan and cause excessive wear
  • Check ducts in ceiling as air leading from ducting or
    duct restriction will reduce efficiency.
  • This is often Caused by other tradesmen working in the
    ceiling or by rodents.
  • Clean outdoor coil and cabinet.
  • Check and tighten electrical connections to prevent
    hot spots (wire burn out)
  • Check printed circuit boards and clean as rodents
    can short out or damage boards
  • Check gas charge as refrigerant charge is critical
    for efficient operation
  • Check general operation of air conditioner
Brisbane Air-conditioner Installation, repair and maintenance for over 22 years.
Act Fast Electrical & Air Conditioning
Summers had arrived, and it was getting too horrible to survive without an air-conditioner. I could only afford a window-type air conditioner and that too would come with an installation issue –for my room is at 3rd floor with windows towards the street. For me, it was not at all feasible to install the air-conditioner. When I searched for some professional service that could serve the purpose, I found Act Fast Air Conditioning fitting best in the frame of my requirements. I sought their assistance. They didn’t take much time installing the A.C, and their service charge was quite affordable.
Written by: Matthew
Date published: 2016-4-16
4.5 / 5 stars
Act Fast Electrical & Air Conditioning Act Fast Air Conditioning possesses a team of expert technicians who deal in air conditioner installation, whether window-type or split-type. We are available round the clock.
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Brisbane Air-conditioner Installation, repair and maintenance for over 22 years.

On the northside of Brisbane, south, east or west Brisbane, Act Fast have a qualified electrical contractor specialising in air-conditioning systems near you.

We use quality Polyaire Ducted Air-Conditioning products

Constructed from high quality air-conditioning materials and have 5 to 10 year Warranty periods. The warm Brisbane climate demands a quality air-conditioning solution and that is why we use tried and tested air-conditioning materials.