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Based in Brisbane and North Lakes, our team of expert technicians are trained and qualified to deal in a range of air conditioning Brisbane northisde installations, from ducted air conditioning systems, split system solutions or window-type configurations.

We’ve been part of the Brisbane air conditioning repair and maintenance industry for over 22 years. Whenever you need support, we are a qualified electrical contractor specialising in air conditioning services designed to fit your needs.

We’re Professionals in Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane Northside

The warm Queensland climate demands a quality-orientated solution, and that is why we only use tried and tested products. We use quality Polyaire ducted air conditioning systems products constructed from high-quality materials, with warranty periods of five to ten years.

You can be assured our systems will provide your family with the latest technology and optimal cooling to see you through the summer months. We make sure our installations are energy-efficient, keeping the costs of your power bills low.

Electrical Services

Beyond air conditioning, we’re also licensed electricians, carrying out a range of electrical installations, repairs and maintenance – everything from indoor and outdoor lighting and switch boxes to fixing your security systems, solar inverters and hot water systems.

We also offer a range of Cash Back Promotions – so check out our deals on offer here.

Contact our professional team of experts to arrange a call-out today. Call us on 0405 781 414 or enquire online and get a quote obligation-free.

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100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Over 22 years experience in Air Conditioning Services, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Supply & Install

Installing a ducted system is the ultimate when it comes to whole-home solutions. Every room in the house can be cooled in summer and heated in winter, with timed central temperature and zone control. It cools a room quicker and maintains a consistent temperature with no hot and cold spots.


Scheduled maintenance and servicing of your unit are essential, as it improves functional efficiency and prolongs the life cycle. Your air-conditioner is an asset to your home. Act Fast recommend scheduled maintenance and carrying out checks to your system to ensure optimum performance.

Split Systems Air Conditioning Installation

Supply & Install

Enjoy the best split system for your home, depending on the specialists at Act Fast. Discover the great value of our expert installations on all new systems. We’ll access your home’s cooling needs and help you to select the right system to suit your budget. Simply call today to arrange a quote!


Scheduled maintenance and servicing of your split system improves functional efficiency and prolongs the life cycle. Your air-conditioner is an asset to your home. Act Fast recommend scheduled maintenance and carrying out checks to your system to ensure optimum performance.

Expert Air Conditioning Installations

For reliable operation, optimal cooling, and most importantly to achieve the rated efficiency of your system, you can depend on a professional installation through our experts.

Energy Efficient Systems

Save on your running costs and electricity bill year after year with the most modern, sustainable technologies on the market. Our team undergoes regular training to understand the latest innovations in green HVAC technologies so you can get the best advice on the Brisbane Northside.

The latest AC Features & Technology

We can help show you the air conditioning systems with the latest technology and upgrades, including multi-zone systems and WiFi-enabled systems you can control by phone app from anywhere.

The Best Warranties

Enjoy the best manufacturer warranties as well as our workmanship for your complete peace of mind. this includes all of our workmanship on system maintenance, air conditioning installation and every other quality service you need in North Brisbane.

What Our Customer’s say.

Summers had arrived, and it was getting too horrible to survive without an air-conditioner. I could only afford a window-type air conditioner and that too would come with an installation issue –for my room is at 3rd floor with windows towards the street. For me, it was not at all feasible to install the air-conditioner.

When I searched for some professional service that could serve the purpose, I found Act Fast fitting best in the frame of my requirements. I sought their assistance. They didn’t take much time installing the A.C, and their service charge was quite affordable.

Matthew. 2016-4-16 4.5 / 5 stars

A variety to choose from

We’ve created our core product range to individually suit a variety of environments. Depending on the size and design of your home, as well as your budget, our experts will assess which type of system will best suit your needs. This includes the choice of either ducted or split systems – each of which come with their own advantages.

Ducted air conditioning services

Ducted systems are designed to cool a number of rooms using a powerful fan that sits on the exterior. It then pumps cool air through ducts around your home or building and allows you to evenly lower the temperature.

Other benefits include:

  • A ducted system will cool down rooms quickly and more effectively
  • Consistent temperatures with no hot or cold spots
  • Quieter than other alternatives, as it sits away from your room and isn’t centrally located
  • More energy efficiency if you’re trying to cool several rooms at once
  • More aesthetically appealing.


Split system air conditioning Installs

On the other hand, a split system may be better suited to your space – of which our experts will assess carefully. Because of their versatility, these units can be bitted to homes and businesses of all sizes, and have a number of innovative features included.

Other benefits include:

  • Backed by warranties for peace of mind
  • Able to be used in spaces of all sizes
  • Exciting features and technology – e.g. multi-zone systems, Wi-Fi capabilities and more
  • Reverse cycle heating on some units
  • A trusted option across the industry
  • Able to withstand Brisbane temperatures effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are looking for air conditioning installations in North Brisbane it is important to determine which size air conditioning unit you need for your space.

Be it a window-based model, ducted solution or split system air conditioner – all of these systems need to be selected based on their size. It may not be possible to cool the entire room with an undersized unit, though a unit that is too large won’t remove enough humidity, leaving the air feeling damp. By multiplying the length and width of your floor, you can determine the square footage of your room and thus the size of your air conditioning system.

Below are some guidelines for calculating BTU room size:

  • 45 to 100 square metres: 5000 to 8000 BTU
  • 100 to 170 square metres: 8000 to 12,000 BTU
  • 170 to 320 square metres: 12,000 to 18,500 BTU
  • 320 to 500 square metres: 18,500 to 25,000 BTU

It is vital to maintain air conditioning systems. The following are signs that your system needs to be serviced, repaired or potentially replaced:

Air that is warm: Check your thermostat when warm air is blowing from your vents. Set it lower than the current temperature of your home in cooling mode. If your vents are still blowing warm air, a restriction in airflow or a problem with the compressor may be to blame.

Lack of airflow: It is common for poor airflow to indicate that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently or that there is a blockage in your home’s ductwork. Perhaps a clogged air filter, a damaged motor, or something even more serious is to blame.

Frequently cycling: The cooling cycle of your air conditioner should be relatively routine, regardless of the weather. During the hottest days of summer, you can expect your cooling system to run more frequently, but it shouldn’t run constantly. Contact our experienced air conditioning technicians if you notice frequent cycles.

There is too much humidity: The weather is sticky in the spring and summer. You don’t want to live with high humidity indoors, though. Most air conditioners regulate humidity automatically. We can inspect the humidity levels in our residential air conditioning services.

There are water leaks: While your air conditioner operates, it may create condensation due to the use of refrigerant. You shouldn’t find either of these liquids collecting or leaking into your home, however.

Bad odours or smells: Your HVAC system may be emitting unpleasant odours. In that case, you should resolve the issue before the smell gets worse. If your air conditioners need a tune-up and complete cleaning, a quick diagnostic visit will tell us whether you need a more technologically advanced cooling solution.

Strange sounds: When air conditioners start and shut down, they make low-level noise. A loud, sudden or unusual noise on your cooling system, however, can indicate a serious issue. Contact our air conditioning repairs team for a complete air conditioning service in North Brisbane.